Groves View Dairy Brown Swiss and Holsteins

Groves View Prominent Holstein Families


Groves View Snickpack Tale
EX-93 MS-93

3-09 2x 357 26,715 5.0 1341 3.7 993
*Tale's 2014 Show Season Results*

Honorable Mention National Bell Ringer
Missouri State Fair Supreme Champion Jr. Show
Missouri State Fair Grand Champion Open and Jr. Show
Brown Swiss Jr Show Best Bred
& Owned Missouri State Fair
Missouri State Bell Ringer 5-Year-Old
Southwestern National Grand Champion & Best Bred & Owned Jr. Show
Southwestern National 3rd place 5-Yr-Old Open Show


Groves View Partyboy Treasure VG-88 MS-90
Groves View Toby Tia

Groves View Denmark Perfect VG88

4-08 365 2x 29,420 4.4 1299 3.4 997
*Sr 3-Yr Old Nominated All-American 2004
*4th Sr-3-Yr -Old Central National 2004


Groves View BT Patricia 2E-92
Groves View Jenner Perks-ET EX90 MS-90


Groves View TD Peach EX-90 MS-93
Groves View TEx Diet Pepsi 2E-91 MS-92

Milk & Honey Tonis Tessa  
EX-91 MS-92

2-05 365 2x 21,400 4.4 941 3.3 698
Reserve All-American 4-Year-Old 2011
3rd Place 4-Year Old at World Dairy Expo 2011

Jr Champion Ozark Empire Fair 2007
Sire: R Hart Simon Ensign ET
Dam: Timberline Jetway Toni 3E-94


Groves View Agenda Toy-ET EX-91 MS-91
Groves View Agenda Tina-ET EX-93-2E MS-93
Groves View Star Teresa-ET EX-92 MS-93
Groves-Sun Total Trustie-ET
Groves-Sun Total Tigger-ET
Groves-Sun Supreme Taya-ET VG-89 MS-90 @ 2-YR
Groves-Sun Supreme Tulip-ET VG-89 MS-91
Groves View Leg Teasha VG-86
Groves View Agenda Topaz EX-91


54BS496 Groves-Sun THOR-ET (M)

Timberline Jetway Toni

5-11 305 2x 25,110 5.0 1258 3.5 884 Lifetime: 2201d 142,620 6471 5235
*All-American 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001

Granddaughters: (click on name)

Sun Made PowerSurge Tropics VG-89 MS-90
Pit Crew P Surge Tiana EX-91 MS-91

Daughter: (click on name)

Milk & Honey Tonis Tessa EX-91 MS-92

Groves View TD Jelly
3E-92  MS-91

4-09 2x 365 33,166 5.0 1632 3.3 1062
8-04 2x 365 36,180 4.8 1752 3.2 1168
Lifetime: 205,814 9930F 6806P
First Groves View 200,000 Lifetime Cow

Sire: Webster Ridge TD-ET
Dam: Groves View DOM Jamie 2E-91
2nd Dam: AK Diamond Jackie
*Grand Champion Wisconsin State Fair 1999